The spate of indecent dressing among students BY JOY BASSEY

Indecent dressing stands out as one of the social anomalies which has negatively impacted on the moral consciousness of the youths, and destroyed their sense of moral judgment. The battle against indecent dressing is an issue which has generated controversy overtime; not only in Nigeria, but in other countries. This has led to the definition of dress codes for students by some higher institutions of learning, in their bid to put indecent dressing on check.
At the national level, our leaders and some concerned individuals have tried to bills and laws that would regulate our general conduct, dressing and public behavior. Though, some of these bills have been worked-on, some others are yet to see the light of a healthy deliberation. This, then questions the competency of parents, schools, guardians and role models in their duty of protecting the society’s norms and values. Can they confidently proclaim that they have done enough to curb the vogue of the expanding trend in indecent dressing?
It would not be wrong to say that indecent dressing as stood out as a norm, rather than an exemption in today’s society because of the negative innovations it is birthing. It is no longer weird today to hear a lady discuss with friends or colleagues of the amazing curves she’s got which could transform her into a model if she flaunts it. It sounds absurd, but it’s a common talk session held among ladies. The same ladies dress half-naked and do not see a thing wrong with it because some people of like-minds have also come to appreciate their filthy apparels.
This cankerworm which has eaten deep into the fabrics of our decency is becoming something of great concern to many societies, and if we must avert this killer-disease, the cure must begin from our homes. It is sad that many a mother want their children to imitate the western culture and their ways of dressing. The aim of this is to make their children appear in such modernized outlook as what is often seen on the television or in newspapers. What they do not know however, is that this liking of theirs, exposes these kids to nudity at a very early stage in their lives. When these kids grow with such mindset, it becomes hard for them to adjust to a decent life when they become adults. They should also remember that these fashion icons they try to emulate are just stage actors who never really dress the way they are viewed when they are with their families or around their children. Though most people blame the society as a whole for the decay in morality; many still hold mothers responsible for these negative attitudes. The solution to indecency is in the hands of mothers and the family at large.
Mothers are really the ones who should bell the cat in this instance. Some of them do not even have the time to admonish their children when they dress indecently. They forget that it is what the child learns from home is what he/ she will take to the outside world.
This is not to say however, that indecent dressing is not also a result of peer pressure, but this is the more reason parents, especially mothers should try to keep an eye on the type of people their children associate with.
In truth, the phenomenon of dressing has evolved the stone age of mere covering to fashion. Today various kinds of clothes are being worn by both women and men to reflect their personality, sophistication and taste such that, the fashion industry has accounted profits valued at several millions of dollars, courtesy of indecent dressing.
However, the rise of fashion trending the 21st century has posed further problems of indecency that manifests itself as nudity especially among women.
Some women wear clothes that do not cover sensitive parts of their bodies, provoking a sexual desire among male folks. It is for this reason that some jurisdictions have passed laws prohibiting indecent dress codes. But little authority supports the strict implementation of any of these laws except for countries where religion is highly esteemed and regarded as the apex body controlling moral behaviour.
Consequently, in Nigeria, some tertiary institutions have embarked on campaigns to discontinue every form of indecency that has encouraged violations against women. Many female students have been returned home from the gate by security agents because they were improperly dressed.
The media has not helped matters either; their message contents have gone a long way to corrupt the minds of children. Indeed an overdose of media content has dazed many of our youths who look up to their preferred celebrities and desire to appear and dress like them.
In all, the menace of nudity that has covered our society like a thick cloud of darkness must be given a pragmatic approach. An all and out move must be made towards combating this trend, and this can only be achieved through massive sensitization, using the paraphernalia of the media to ensure the re-introduction of our lost values and dress patterns for our social good.