God is a big Thinker but starts up everything in a small way. What amazes me in our text is that God frowns at small thinking. God can do beyond our thinking, yet what He does with us is limited by our thinking. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a popular saying, in fact Rome started with a few hill side hamlets. Thinking big is a skill we must all learn in order to maximize our full potentials and starting small is a principle of life we must all respect. Starting small is not a sign of smallness or weakness but a principle upon which life itself runs.
Life runs on principles and principles are laws that work anywhere anytime for anyone, they are not respecters of places, persons, positions or anything. When you work them they will work for you. You need to do just three things, they are: understand it, adapt it and apply it.
Think Big, Start Small is going to be coming as a series and it hangs on two these two truisms:
Life is too short to think small.
Nothing in life starts big; whatever does ends small.
Many of us are small thinkers, because internal and external forces conspire to make us think small. In spite of these forces, we must see small thinking as a choice and we are also free to choose to change.
Thinking small is living small and thinking big is living big. Your life is a direct unmistaken reflection of how your thinking is. How big are your life visions?

In our next discussion, we would continue on Why People think Small, How to think Big and How to Start Small.