The year 2021 should be the year where you showcase your ideas, talents and dreams to the world. Maybe you were able to accomplish all you wanted in 2020, or you could only meet your 2020 resolutions halfway. This is a new year! A new opportunity to become the best you. This is not the time to pray about your resolutions and go to sleep, leaving everything in the hands of God. No! This is the year where you allow your imagination to aim high and see far, and then take action with the help of God to give birth to a new world of possibilities and discoveries. You have been endowed with the ability, power and intellect to achieve the impossible through sound reasoning and corresponding action. Take charge of your life and transform your future.

If you never had a dream or desire to accomplish something worthwhile in the past, wake up now and start dreaming with your eyes wide open and your mind engaged in constructive reasoning.

Your success in life and change of level is tied to your personal responsibility and how much you engage your imagination to achieve the impossible.

You dont only pray for breakthrough; think and reason out ways to achieve success in your career, business, family, finance and every other aspect of your life. A man devices his ways through sound reasoning, and then pray to God for confirmation. If you want transformation in your life in 2021, renew your mind and engage it positively. Every decision you take this year should have been carefully prayed about and thought out.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I want to achieve this year?
Why do I want to achieve this dream or desire?
How do I go about achieving it?
Then sit down and plan step by step through deep sited reasoning and prayers, the best way to accomplish your dreams. Be focused and avoid distractions. So many dreams in life fail to be accomplished because of broken focus.

No matter the obstacles in 2021, keep your dream alive, or at least warm.

An empty mind is worse than an empty purse. You may not have so much money in your pocket, but with a great mind and power of imagination, its only a matter of time before you rule the world. You can never be better or more successful than your thoughts!

All that a man achieves or fails to achieve, is a direct result of his thoughts James Allen.

A small man is made up of small thoughts- Novelist Victor Hugo.

A closed mind is a closed destiny- David Oyedepo

People who dont practice good thinking usually find themselves at the mercy of other peoples thoughts Bob Gass.

When your heart chooses a desire, your mind creates a map to reach itMike Murdock

Dont leave this world the same way you met it. Build on it by thinking good things, and begin to do them Benson Idahosa

Good things happen to those who think.

Think and walk into your destiny in 2021!

I wish you a prosperous year 2021.