Indecent dressing can be defined as the wearing of cloths that are not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation, it means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public, the practice she opined is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the society.
Indecent dressing can as well be defined as a social malady that cuts across many countries of the world, but described indecent dressing as a way that is likely to shock or offends people. What may offend people, it added are parts of the body, usually sexual organs, which normally should be covered. For girls, these are breasts, thighs and buttocks. As a teenager you must be cautious of the kind of clothes you put on. Your dress can show if you are responsible or irresponsible, serious minded or unserious. Dressing in a manner that parents, society and religion frown at is not civilization.
Indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assault and sexual harassment recorded in our society today and over time.
Nigeria students and some ladies may be as result of civilization dress half naked to occasions, parties all in the name of fashion and this is contrary to the cachet placed in Nigerian’s female’s students and indeed Africa women
This habit is embraced by all ages in the society but it is prevalent among youths. In today’s Nigeria, over exposure to foreign culture through modern day channels of mass communication like satellite broadcast, internet and unregulated pirated videos, especially musical videos have taken their toll on the moral rectitude of our youth especially girls. Dresses that are meant as stage costumes for musicians and actresses are misconstrued by our gullible female students as everyday wears.
Although it could be ascertain that these are some of the reasons why these students dress indecently such as poor parenting, peer pressure, wrong use of internet, fading values as well as demonic influence among others
The negative consequences of dressing indecently were identified to include rape, prostitution, HIV/AIDS and other venereal deadly diseases and poor school grades.
However, to reduce the ugly scenario parents are advised to be good moral examples to their children, give them attention and to as well regulates the films they watch at home, also the mass media must at all times promote good moral values, religious leaders must preach against, counsel and deliver those under demonic influence, as well the introduction of institutions dress code. Good dressing is good business. It will elicit respect from your fellow students and lecturers and most importantly it will save you the hazards of being a target for rape, for most rape victims are bad dressers. Indecent dressing is a social malady that cuts across many countries of the world.

The concept of dressing from the Biblical point of view started from the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve used leaves to cover their nakedness. Right from then, dressing became part of humankind.
The Qur’an also captures it right when it says ‘’Tell the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. From the above, it clearly shows that both Christianity and Islam preach against indecent dressing.
Do you observe that many children have gone haywire all in the name of dressing? It becomes imperative at this juncture to ask: why do ladies dress indecently? Indecent dressing has been closely associated with poor parenting, peer pressure, wrong use of the internet, fading moral values as well as demonic influences among others.
Indecent dressing no matter how well we try to link it with ‘civilization’ has no place in the African culture. The African culture places so much prestige on the African woman. Whether in the Western or African society, indecent dressing is the major cause of the various assaults and sexual harassment recorded in the society over time. There is a strong belief among some people that a large number of rape victims were victims of their mode of dressing. As a result of this ‘civilization’ ladies dress half naked to schools, events and even religious gatherings all in the name of fashion.
This social malady has made our male counterparts to become sexually restive. Late last year in a neighbouring campus, some ladies who went to the University for post UTME examination and had accommodation challenges that made them to lay their heads in a nearby primary school were reported raped.
To the society this menace is gradually becoming a norm and the etiquette that African society is known for is gradually becoming a thing of the past. African culture is being eroded by indecent dressing. Culturally, you know a country is advancing when the citizens honour their own culture but the reverse is the case in our society today.
The consequences of this habit are glaring- it debases womanhood. It speaks evil of the society where it obtains.
Irresponsible, undisciplined, ungodly, and greedy men are attracted and earn young girls rape. The negative consequences of indecent dressing have also been identified to include rape, prostitution, HIV/AIDS and other venereal diseases, infections as well as armed robbery and poor academic performance in school. One needs more than a gift of discernment to distinguish and differentiate a prostitute from a lady in provocative wears.
Like the old will always say, “girls in decent attire are less likely to misbehave.” This is very true to an extent.
To curb the menace of indecent dressing, parents are urged to be good models in morals to their children, give them attention and regulate the type of films they watch at homes. The mass media must promote good moral values while religious leaders must preach against it, counsel and deliver those under demonic influences. The introduction of college or university dress codes can also help. These are necessary if decency must be achieved.