I decided to share It here I hope it changes your narrative towards setting and executing you Goals.
I will dwell more on how you execute your goals.
How many of us have set goals for the second half of the year?
And how many of us have started executing our goals?
The thing with goal setting and resolution is that we have psychological gotten use to it.
It is now a cliché.
A cliché is something said so often that it loses it sense of meaning.
Setting goals and resolutions are now what we do almost spontaneously towards the end of every year or month in other to identify with the euphoria of the moment.
Which most times do not resonates with our inner man and purpose.
So in the this session I will be given you proven and yet neglected strategies to achieving and executing your goals ruthlessly and am not exaggerating
Before I do that I want highlights reasons why we don’t achieve and execute our goals:
1. We set overly ambitious goals that our subconscious mind sabotages us into thinking that we can never achieve them and that automatically self destructs our zeal DOA (Dead on Arrival)2. We set small goals that we achieve to quickly and the excitement of success robs us of the psychological ambition to set more daunting goals.3. Our goals don’t click.
In setting goals that click and resonates with our inner man which in turn inspires and motivate us to stay through the Goals.We must have purpose for the goal what we don’t understand is that purpose is greater than outcome.
We can set a goal to make 1 million naira which is an outcome.
Or have a purpose of being a person that commands influence and wealth.
In articulating your purpose
Find out what you’re WHY is and in finding your WHY
Reasons come first
Answers come second
For example you want to lose weight as a lady.
REASONS because I was insulted in the mall by two kids that I was Fat.
WHY so I can maintain the right shape that attracts my husband.
The reason enforces the why which solidifies your purpose for the goal.
In so doing your mind is fully aware of the goal which makes it easier to trigger the cues that helps you achieve your goals.
Have said that how do you execute your goals?
Strategies am about giving you is what I have applied over and over and have gotten tons of result.
That same year I set a target to finish 40 books with extremely tight schedule by the end of the year I read 37 physical books about 5 audio books and 5 ebooks.
I could go on and on but let me stop here this is to flog the fact theses strategies work.
So how do you achieve your goals?
I have a simple strategy for that.
Make your Goals a routine or attach them to a routine.
Everything that is worth the while that was achieved was placed on routine or attached to one.
I will explain.
How did you think I achieved those audacious Goals I set in 2020.
It was tied to a routine.
Every morning during my quite time I read 3 chapters of my Bible and a chapter of the book that am currently reading then.
Since I must do my quite time then I Must read my book.
Attached to my routine again I must go to work every day which means board the Cab every day and in the cab I preach the gospel.
So I speak to ten people about JESUS every day. Five in morning while going to work then another five when coming back. At the end of the year it was 2065 in total.
So losing weight is your goal and how you intend doing it is waking up every morning to go for a walk or hit the Gym.
While that is great you will find it difficult to sustain whenever you have go all out of your way in bid to achieve something it is usually more difficult.
So how about this?
For instance In your routine you must go buy a newspaper every morning.
Why not kit up and jog to and fro to get the newspaper since it is routine that must do.
To get to your office you must climb stairs why not make climbing the stairs under a certain amount of time a strategy to burning fat.
It is about hacking that part of your mind that would easily give up on your Goals and vision.
It takes 21 days to cultivate a character and 90days to build a lifestyle and this is anchored on anything you do every day for those days.
Imagine the little steps you plan to take every day to achieve a certain goal becomes a lifestyle there is nothing stopping that Goal of yours.
I once had a tap that even after closing it properly it still runs at one drop of water per second at night time I will put a bucket under it and by the morning I have filled bucket with water.
Think Cues– Routine– Rewards.
Cues triggers you to engage your Routine in other to get your *
Reward which is usually the purpose of the Goal.
You want build muscles while in bathroom or bath top or when you have pulled your clothes to have your bath.
Bend down and do 5 push up every day for 30days. Before the end of the year with an increment of 5 by the end of the year you would see massive improvement around.
Set your goals
Break it down
Routinize IT
And you will Achieve IT.
# Be Strategic
I Love you deeply