Letter to Sisters

Dear beautiful damsel
The creature with the heart of Gold
The Carrier of Grace
Producer of nation
The one whose back carries fire
The orator that speak forth blessings

I know how curious you are to meet your priest, waiting patiently for him is like a journey of thousand years.

You can’t wait to start fulfilling your duty as his help_meet, your shoulder is aching for his warm embrace and hug and your heart is anxious to be filled with the thought of him.

Your womb is ready to carry the seeds of fire that has been prepared for you to nurture and even your body has accept to be re-shapened for the kingdom business to be multiplied

_But how prepared are you?_
I don’t want to believe all you do is to fantasize about having a Good home without adding value to yourself.
I hope you are already in the kingdom business fulfilling and yielding to that assignment that brought you to the world, which is where your priest must meet you?

Sweet sister don’t just sit down and expect God to give you one of his sons without you having what it takes to manage him.

Pick up your courage and Faith now,it is better to late than never!
Your passion to be rare matters alot.
I love you Sis💜
Bless you sweet sisters!

Don’t jump into a relationship suddenly else you’ll fly out of it unexpectedly. Being alone is more profitable than having a wrong relationship that will rob you of your joy and peace.
Bird required two wings to fly high, the same thing applies to marriage, it requires the efforts from husband and wife to make it work. Be intentional and be present in your marriage.