My story is bad, I don’t feel like sharing it, it doesn’t worth listening to and I can’t make out anything from it.
Are you sure???
I don’t think so!
The challenges you feel you are passing through today is a testimony to share tomorrow to make money.
Yes I said so.
Searching for inspiration and clarity in business, I took myself out to visit my friend who later turned my mentor Mr. Nzube Chancellor Onyeaghasirim.
I stopped at the Eke Ututu market and he came down from his shop to pick me up.
Sincerely from Ihiala to that place on bike is quite a journey. Was just trying to relax my body from the trip I took, my friend engaged me on a discussion.

The first question he asked, startled me.
Nzube:. What did you learn from your trip to Ghana and what are you ready to do immediately?
Me: Ehm ehm ehm
Nzube: Anyways, how was the journey?

While we get talking about my journey and the new things I saw in Ghana and the friends I made there, my mind was wondering on the first question he asked me.
What exactly did I want to do differently that I have not been doing.
Mr. Sixtus Okechukwu will always say that “it is not much about the great events that you have attended but the actions you are ready to take or you taking already after the event”.
With all the bubbles in my mind, I drew my sword (pen) and start putting down actions (traditional business) to take up immediately.

Just after some few minutes of discussion, Mr. Nzube took me round his whole businesses within the town I visited.
But there is this one business that cut my attention because he told me about it earlier this year (piggery farming).

He actually told me how he wanted to start the business long time ago but have been giving excuses of no enough money to start.
Now he is telling me a different story altogether.
He bought 4 pigs (2 male and 2 female), with a small room and today he has about 103 in his farm.
He actually started small
He told me one striking thing:
Nzube: it’s not about the number to start with, is about the starting.

Start that big business in your mind with small steps today.
No great man/woman just emerged into greatness; they all have small stories which were where they all find their money that made them great.
We actually want it big but the Giant Iroko tree was once a small tree.
Imagine from 4 pigs to 103 pigs.
I decided to start with small business and emerge big to that big business I have been dreaming of.
Start with one plus one equals two (1+1 =2) to multiplying all that you have gotten.
Start first, start small!!

The money is in the small stories