Sweatless Organisms

The ultimate goal of sex is orgasm. Some achieve it with ease; some don’t get it easily while some never get it at all. Most women don’t get orgasm because they don’t have a man that will blow their brain off in bed!
Now, listen, only your spouse can give you sweat less orgasm -your real bone and flesh. If you pick somebody else’s bone, you will suffer sexually for the rest of your married life!
When you meet your real bone and flesh, you know! Your whole lives wrap around each other, you love them like no one else, you agree on almost every area of life.
You share dreams, interests, vision, aspirations and you want to die for them! If you spend all your courtship arguing and making up with sex, your marriage will end in the divorce court!
In a real, God ordained courtship, you don’t have sex. You don’t spend all your waking hours in bed unless you have nothing serious to do with your life. What brought you together is God, not sex, so you both pursue God with all your hearts and serve him in holiness.
Because you are compatible, you spend your time building, challenging and inspiring each other instead if walking about aimlessly. You ask questions, learn, read books, attend seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences and grow spiritually, mentally, socially and emotionally together.
You are not afraid to be yourself. You correct in love, support each other, help each other and pray for each other.
You take time to discover each other’s vision, dream, passion, goals, potentials, talents and work towards helping each other achieve success.
The respect you both have for God helps you respect and value each other. You get lost in each other’s world and want to satisfy each other at the deepest level. This is when you get married and can’t wait to explore each other the way no one ever has. The love you both have propels you to satisfy your spouse and do everything possible to give their body pleasure through sweat less orgasm!
In a Godless relationship, there is nothing to talk about. No vision, no dream, no goals except look into each other’s eyes till you get tired then seal it off with sex. The sex is even boring and frustrating because it has no purpose, nothing bonds you together and you are filled with guilt all the time. I don’t understand why in the name of God people get involved in pre-marital sex! There is no profit whatsoever in it!
You do yourself lots of favour marrying God’s will. Missing it in marriage is living perfect hell on earth. Your sex life is the first to suffer. How on earth would you want to bond with someone who doesn’t care about you? Extra marital affair is the result and it is so alarming that 90% of married men and about 40% of married women get involved in extra marital affair.
If you want to enjoy sex and have sweat less orgasm, marry God’s will for your life. It is the smartest choice you will ever make. God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele.