Indecent dressing simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to thepublic. This practice is contrary to the acceptable norms and values ofthe society.Moral decadence on the other, is a reduction in the level of morality in thesociety. Do you observe that most (ladies) had gone haywire all in thename of the dressing? The other, day I screamed when I saw a girlwhose parent barely fed well, dressed with half of her breast andbuttocks outside.The trouser she wore is such that half of her buttock was out, withbeads and terrible make-ups and I heard her mum telling her “to have anice day.”Some girls have been embarrassed and even abused, because of theiroutrageous outfit. Indecent dressing is the major cause of the variousassault and sexual harassment recorded in the society, over time. As aresult of civilization, Nigerian ladies dress half naked to occasions all inthe name of ‘fashion’ and this is contrary to the prestige placed onAfrican women.As a lady, you must be cautious of the kind of clothes you put on. Doyou know your dress creates impression about you either positively ornegatively in the heart of people?Your dress could show if you are responsible or irresponsible, seriousminded or not serious. Dressing in a manner that parents, society andreligion frown at is not civilization. The way you dress shows whetheryou are respected or not.Most ladies now walk on the street half naked, with tattered clothes all inthe name of fashion. Also, some innocent guys have been arrested alongwith armed robbers just because of the way they dressed. Nowadays,different styles of dressing are in vogue – low west, hot bosom, sagging,etc. All these have the society’s moral value to its lowest ebb.In a nation that is endowed with varieties of culture and traditions, it isannoying seeing this culture and traditions going into extinction.Nigerians find it difficult to dress in their local attire as it is regarded as“old and archaic.” Indecent dressing is an habit embraced by all ages inthe society. It has been inculcated by both the young and the old.It is common among celebrities, particularly among artistes. These set ofpeople, while on stage, will want to look unique and in the process turnedthemselves into lunatics. They wear tattered jeans with holes, tight fittingshirt, some even go to the extent of wearing ordinary pant while onstage. All this is the cause of juvenile delinquency. Most of the underaged children engage in early sex as a result of what they watch onTelevision as well as what they saw among their older siblings.Sadly, most ladies have been sexually abused, because of their mode ofdressing.The question is: who do we blame for these social malady – the parents,the society or the peer groups?