I watched a movie with my husband yesterday. There was this lady with a very comic character in the movie. The mere sight of a lovely couple even in ordinary paintings or image would make her legs womble. Laughs I
She’s so fascinated by the “Love” thing
And finally when she met her *Mr. Right* her attitude is another thing.
On their first meeting, she looked at the guy in awe and admiration, lost her breath and acted like a statue and in the twinkle of an eye she womble. Smiling
The love thing kind of take her breath away. Her breath became stable and she stopped falling down after they started a relationship.
Love is a very beautiful thing. Falling in love with someone is a fantastic experience. But the truth is Love is beyond *beautiful feelings*
Fine that beautiful feeling can help you connect in a way at the beginning of your relationship but I am confidently telling you that love in actual fact is beyond a beautiful feeling.
Feelings are very fickle. Feelings don’t last.
I was inspired to write this post during our Read the Bible Challenge on whatsapp.
We read in Titus 2:4 in which Paul wrote to Titus that the aged women should teach the young wives to LOVE THEIR HUSBANDS AND CHILDREN.
While meditating on this instruction, I thought of the need for admonishing wives to LOVE.
You will agree with me that naturally women are COMPASSIONATE in nature.
We are self-less and can go to any mile for the man we love. We are natural love-dispensers if you agree with me; nod your head where you are. Smiling
A woman is said to share God’s trait of being the great Breasted one because we are compassionate yet the scriptures admonished us to LOVE our husbands and children.
The Holy Spirit just dropped a word in my heart. Singles, please read carefully.
When you are to take your marital vow at the altar
The officiating minister would ask *…WILL YOU LOVE and nurse him as long as you both shall live…*
Why such a question?
Why is it not like *…DO YOU LOVE him?*
The reason is not farfetched; obviously you love each other enough to want to spend life together
But *Will you LOVE?* question is a question of TOTAL LIFE COMMITMENT
That’s why the scriptures says *LOVE YOUR HUSBAND*
Inside of marriage LOVE is beyond feelings but A DUTY!
Let me drive my point home; Things will happen after your wedding day.. STILL
This lovy dovy guy/would offend you …STILL LOVE YOUR HUSBAND
I tell you this is why sometimes forgiveness is a DAILY MEAL IN A MARRIAGE
In years to come you will see people who *appear* to be more handsome than your spouse… STILL LOVE YOUR SPOUSE
Contrary winds will blow in this journey of marriage…your feelings will disappear but LOVE IS YOUR DUTY
Storms of life will rage… LOVE IS YOUR DUTY
Some issues of life will happen and try to threaten your love for each other…
Health issues, financial crisis, in-laws interference might want to tear you apart etc… LOVE AND STICK TOGETHER till death separate you.
I’m sure the husband of The Proverbial wife in the scriptures is not flawless yet she will DO HIM GOOD AND NOT EVIL/HARM ALL THE DAYS OF HER LIFE.
Proverbs 31:12
I recently counsel a lady who said she finds it hard to stop her boyfriend from having pre-marital sex with her. I asked her if she would open her laps if the guy has HIV/AIDS. She gave me a look like that issue would mark the end of their relationship.
I thought you said you love him. Kikiki. I just laughed.
I pray for someone here, overtime your spouse has given you enough reason to tell you he doesn’t deserve the kind of love you shower on him, hate is finding root in your heart ,
I pray for your emotional healing in the name of Jesus.
I declare fresh love flow through every marriage and relationships here in the name of Jesus.
I decree a fresh spark of love in Jesus name
I believe when you allow bitterness in your heart it has a way of building hate in your heart towards your spouse and hinders God’s work of breakthrough in your marriage
That’s why the scriptures says *LOVE* and trust the Holy Spirit with your issues.
The Holy Spirit taught me a wisdom tip in the early days of my marriage.
When there’s any misunderstanding and I am very annoyed, I noticed my heart would just kind of *shut my husband out* I knew that feeling wasn’t from the Holy Spirit so the first thing I do is to start singing in my head
I would keep saying it in my heart till we are able to discuss and trash out the issue It is a great wisdom for me.
Let no root of bitterness settle in your heart!
Guide your heart with all diligence for out of it proceed issues of life
Try it out and come back to me with your *Offering*
Your Marriage Must Work!
I call you blessed
I have love in my heart for you.

Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi