I write this for you, yes you. I understand how you have struggled with motivation and inspiration. You set a goal in the morning and lay down your daily objectives but before nightfall, you can’t even remember your objectives anymore.

You are like a burning fig burning with passion in one minute and you are deflated in the next minute. You read the countless motivational pieces and watch endless videos, yet your motivation does not go beyond a day.

I have got solutions for you. In this piece, I will show you ten actionable ways to remain self-driven at all times irrespective of your mood and circumstances.
Let’s ride!

1. Start from day one always
This is to always imagine that you are doing something for the first time. It is to bring back the curiosity and the hunger with which you approached your work and activities the first time. This is more mental despite the fact that you have the competence. You will see every work as the first and imagine that its success will clear a path for better success.

2. Always reset your goal.
Champions keep their goals close and some rewrite their goals every day. This activity put the goals on your face and keeps you more focused on them. If your goals have stimulated you before, it will always put fire in your heart.

3. Find a bigger purpose
Let your purpose be greater than you can ever imagine. If your purpose is too pragmatic, you will achieve and nothing else to pursue. Rather, the dream of something that will amaze you.

4. Use the power of broke
Being broke creates a vacuum that makes you yearn for more. Creates an artificial scarcity of success and live as if you are just chasing the first break in life.

5. Remember your childhood dream
Your childhood dream, though naive, is the purest among all. Because your dream came from place untouched by reason and logic, they will stay with you forever. Even if you are no more interested in the dream, let it push you to always satisfy that inner child in you.

6. Remain in the circle
Remain with those that have always rooted for you. Never abandon them, instead share opportunities and give helping hand even if they are not as rich as you or eloquent as you.

7. Creative contentment.
Give gratitude but remember as long as you live, you need to surpass your mark so that you can always give more gratitude.

8. Learning over money.
If you have the options between money and knowledge, choose both. But if you must choose one, go for knowledge. Money always follows the best. Money is finite, knowledge is infinite.

9. Think of your legacy
The more you think of your finality, the more you work to remain immortal.

10. Make someone the center of your world.
My mother and my family are the centers of my world. The more I think of the promises I made to my family and the sufferings of my mother she took on me to get educated, the harder and smarter I work.

Get motivated always. You are here to have your own piece of the world.
Never settle.
Be remarkable.