I’m not talking about those who are courting on Facebook, 95% of such relationships ends in disaster, I’m talking about those who fall head over heels in love with their Facebook mentors/counselors.
Look, you don’t know anybody on the social media until you meet them face to face or talk to someone who knows them in-toto.
That someone writes or posts a mind blowing article doesn’t mean he or she is a saint! You can’t jump on people you don’t know from Adam, open your life to them, trust them 100% and give personal information, let the good Lord guide you before you make irreparable mistake!
There are sincere, godly, holy and anointed people on facebook who practice what they preach but they are very few and there are smooth talking liars who write like God Himself would write, preach holiness, vehemently preach against fornication and adultery, yet practice exactly the opposite of what they preach!
These ones are many! That someone speaks boldly against fornication does not mean he is not sleeping around so be careful before opening up your life to someone you don’t know on the social media.
Trust your gut feelings. If you feel uncomfortable with the relationship, move back quick and don’t look back.
Single ladies should not seek emotional/sexual counseling from the opposite sex online especially when they are single. I will be referring to single ladies who like seeking the counsel of single guys on emotional/ sexual issues.
Spiritual issues are also sensitive. Because you see this guy as a saint whom you respect and secretly admire, your feelings may go hay wire as you think of how great it will be to walk down the aisle with them. Sexual issues can turn either you, your counselor or both of you on so it’s better you talk to a female whom you respect online. You can’t say because he preaches holiness, no matter what you say, he won’t be turned on, you better wake up! If you do online counseling, be careful whom you counsel on facebook/ whatsapp, not everyone is seeking counsel. Some are seeking love affair but hide behind counseling. If you don’t guide your heart and keep your feelings in check, they will gradually, slowly but surely derail the discussion into romantic, emotional exchange. Before you know it you will be singing “I love you” instead of counseling the person!
Married people also need to be very careful. Some men are devils! Some women are Jezebels! They won’t focus on counseling but will be referring to your sexy eyes; lovely shirt, nice profile pictures and you keep wandering what the woman wants from you. She cooks up stories that are not true just to get your attention. Same for men who are out to do nothing but sleep with the woman. That is his mission. He will come in the guise of counseling and steer the discussion into something else!
I once received a desperate call from a man who claimed to have a serious issue with his mother and it was threatening to break his marriage. I moved him to Whatsapp but his profile picture gave me concern. He was into celebrity stuff. That was red flag number one, he believed in Jesus though so we got talking, I got down to the root of the issue, prayed with him offered biblical suggestions and needed to follow him up for progress and of course he was doing very well till one evening when he said, he felt like giving me a peck. He said that through the chat. I warned him and blocked him immediately. I am a blocker; I can’t count the number of people I have blocked!
Be on guard! There are devils everywhere! Don’t be desperate for relationships you lie to brothers you need counseling only to give unwanted attention, flirt or seduce them! Men, don’t hide behind counseling to flirt, seduce and pull innocent women down!
It’s stupid to counsel the opposite sex on raw sex, I don’t do it. I usually recommend books for them except the Lord wants me to counsel that man and still, I don’t counsel raw. It’s crazy telling a man about his penis, scrotum etc and graphically tell him how to handle his wife while painting pictures and giving raw, graphic names, that man will chase you not his wife! I get raw with married women. We are same sex; we have same body so I can get real and down to earth with them.
Use your number 6 and spiritual sense when dealing with people online. May you not make a mistake that will destroy your testimony in Jesus name. God bless you. Cheers!
©Seun Oladele, 2017.