I tried as much as I could to understand “everything” about my life, God’s plan for me, the assignment He has ordained for me to walk in, the career path/the sector of the society I could spread my tentacles on. It was frustrating.
Virtually all articles and books I ever read were pointing to searching out my

I tried answering questions like
1. If money were not an issue, what would you do with your time?
2. What do you love to do? What do you hate to do?
3. What gives you energy? What drains the life out of you?
4. What do you want to change, shape, and leave better than you found it?
5. What segment of the population are you drawn to help?
6. What do you want to experience, witness, and learn?
7. Which industry or sector of the society will I choose?
I couldn’t think straight at all.
What am I passionate about?
Nothing or so I thought.
I was very confused.
As I was writing last night I remember the post below written on November 6th, 2016

On Purpose and Passion
I have come across many successful people who are really doing well in their career, ministry or both, sharing stories about how they discovered that thing they were meant to do with their lives to touch the world for Christ.
I noticed a trend in their stories, a number of them knew right on as a child/ teenager the path they desired to walk on. You know how children can boldly say “I want to be a lawyer”, “I want to be a singer” etc
Of course this can happen with most children at the tender age but somehow some children overtime are resolute or stable with their choice. Some children will keep dribbling at it wanting to be “everything” or a number of things, your child can wake up on a beautiful morning and announce “I want to be a Pilot” in the afternoon, if not few hours later, “I want to be a pastor” smiling but some didn’t discover until later in life as they keep doing everything their hands found to do.
Looking back at my childhood, I never had anything in mind at all. Defining what I am passionate about was a difficult task on its own.
I was just growing up with no intense passion for anything spectacular. I desired to go to University not caring where my widow mother would get the money from.
So I had to choose my class when I was in JSS3, I just noticed I out-rightly struck “Science class” off my mind. You see? I didn’t know the career I would love to choose but I knew what I “don’t love to do”
I considered “Art class” for some minutes and I brushed it off on a popular opinion that “only dullards/ low intelligent students go to art class” # weird, I chose “Commercial class” and I am glad I did.
I was faced with making decision on my choice of career again when I was in SS3 while preparing for my WAEC/JAMB, I was overwhelmed! I couldn’t think of anything I would love to do. I was blank! And I had nobody to guide me.
I fondled with my form for weeks searching my heart until the day I had a chat with one of my class mates.
She told me she wants to be an accountant and I became unreasonably excited, right on that spot I chose accountancy. # naughty Esther
My class mate noised it round the classroom that I don’t have anything “in me” and that I photocopied her choice. The feeling that followed was bad. I felt “empty””driven by nothing”
Well, God will never leave you destitute! He’s faithful and a responsible father.
One of my life lessons is that God has a way of putting your feet on the path He’s ordained for your life through events and circumstances of life.
My love and admiration for my Government teacher propelled my love for Government as a subject. Not only did I pass my exams excellently I loved government and administration. So I decided to go for any government related course in the University.
Many people asked me if I love Politics or have any political ambition I just laughed.
I have learnt not to act like I have all the answers to the questions of my life.
Even till now I am still EVOLVING.
I ended up with Diploma in Public Administration and B.Sc in Political Science.
I so look back with gratitude to God because I enjoyed every bit of those experiences.
Obviously I am not working with my Certificate “at the moment” because God has shown me another path of life He’s ordained for me.
I don’t know probably someone is confused right now about your career path, can’t even describe what your PASSION is, I encourage you to identify what you don’t love to do and pray over every other thing you can think of.
I send this with my love to young people who are awaiting admission to higher institutions of learning, keep praying and be consistent with your relationship with Christ, He will guide your path.
“For God has put it into their HEARTS TO ACCOMPLISH HIS PURPOSE by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled.” Revelation 17:17 NIV
In conclusion, I am bold to say you can never go wrong when you give God the wheel of your life.
Esther Ebunoluwa Omoniyi