(This is for ladies. Guys’ version is coming)
I remember a friend of mine telling me how he used to solve his hunger problem in\n the days of poverty. He said he would go to any market where they display different kind of garri for sales. He would price it and take almost handful of each kind of garri and eat it, ‘testing’ to know if the garri is good. He said he can taste like four kinds of garri like that, and he won’t buy any one. He would just give one excuse either by saying the garri is not sour enough or that he will buy it when he is returning. He said by the time he has eaten four handful of garri, he would just buy a sachet of pure water& drink and he would be okay for that moment. I teased him that why you can’t do that if you are hungry and you wish to eat bread.

Then he said ‘Eben, you want them to kill me. The bread is inside a nylon oo and you can’t take it without first paying and once you tear the nylon, it means you have paid for it or you are paying for it.’.
This is the inspiration I got from this conversation. We have this 2 kinds of single ladies today. We have ‘Garri ladies’ and ‘Bread ladies’. We have so many ladies today that guys are just using their sexual organs to solve their sexual hunger. You have dated 5 to 6 guys and each of them have kissed you, sucked your breasts, romanced you and they have the memory of your kissing, romance and bedroom prowess with them. My sister, you are a garri lady. It does not matter your academic qualifications and social status. If you offer your body in exchange for money, for academic grades, employment, or any other favour, you are simply a Garri lady. If you expose your breasts and other private parts of your body just to get likes and cheap comments on social media, you are a Garri lady. Guys are feeding their lust through your body. And just like that my friend would do, when that your boyfriend, boss, sugar daddy and Facebook fans are done with you, they will dump you. They know you are not good to be a virtuous wife.
On the other hands, we have ‘ Bread ladies’. If you like, label them ‘ mumu ladies, or call them ‘ suegbe ladies, naive ladies, or S.U ladies’ but they are wiser than you if you are a garri lady. They preserve their body and have made a vow that whosoever will ‘tear their nylon’ must be the men they are married to. They are not ‘outside’ like a displayed garri. They are inside the ‘nylon’ of grace, godliness, personal values and integrity. They believe in inward virginity (purity of heart) and outward virginity. They don’t toil with sexual sins. They understand that their bodies are the temples of God. They run away from every form of defilement. They dress beautifully, charming but not provocatively or in an adulterous manner. They vote for chastity. God is proud of them. The world may hate them, but they don’t give a damn! They may call them different derogatory names, but they don’t bother themselves. They have seen the future ahead and are grooming themselves for it. They will not allow their names to be part of the ‘ Guinness’ book of record of ‘ Used and dumped’ ladies. If they have any reason to walk out of any relationship, they walk out with their self-esteem and honour for no guy can mock them that he has ‘finished’ them. Our world is in shortage of ‘ bread ladies’ today. They are very few!
Hello lady, which side are you? . I offer you hope today, if you are a ‘ garri lady’, you can make a decision to become a ‘ bread lady’ today. Say bye bye to this reckless sexual immoral life. Give your life to Jesus. Those of you who are into courtship and you entered into that courtship as a bread lady but now you have become a garri lady behind the closed doors. God is calling you to repentance. Stop it! Come back into your ‘nylon’. Let your dignity be restored.
If that guy can’t wait till marriage before all those kissing, fondling, romancing and sex, then let him go!. Finally to precious ‘bread ladies’, I charge you by the mercy of God, don’t allow any one, any guy, any hard situation or momentary gain change you to a ‘garri lady’ Sexual purity pays! (1 Corinthians 6: 15-20). Thanks for reading and adjusting where necessary. (Garri is a Nigerians food made out of cassava- cassava flakes)
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© Ebenezer Diyaolu