“When you sit down to eat with a ruler, Consider carefully what is before you; And put a knife to your throat If you are a man given to appetite.

Do not desire his delicacies, For they are deceptive food.”
It was the phrase “given to appetite” that caught my attention.
A question popped into my mind: “What is the difference between hunger and appetite?”
You need to understand this so you’ll know why and how the prescription works.

According to the definition, hunger is the stomach’s feeling of discomfort caused by a lack of food intake.
On the other hand, appetite is a strong desire or liking for food or drink whether you are hungry or not.
Appetite is a God-given gift when used the way He intended: to satisfy the body’s need for food.

However, your appetite is out of control if you are eating often when your body is not physically hungry.
You can find yourself eating whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as from emotional hunger, boredom, or simply because the food is there!

Failure to control your appetite is the same as failing to control an undisciplined child who throws a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.
If you are suffering from an out-of-control appetite, what can you do about it?
Think again about the phrase “given to appetite.”
When you give something away, you do it voluntarily.
You make a choice.
Ask yourself:”If I am giving myself away to appetite, what is it costing me?
You see, it costs time, attention and money to practice overeating or binge-eating behaviors.
When you give yourself away to your appetite, are you taking away from:
You cannot serve two masters (see Matthew 6:24).
What if you instead gave yourself away to God instead of giving yourself away to appetite?
If you want to do this, the appetite suppressant in Proverbs says to put a “knife to your throat.”
Obviously this is not literal, but God takes this issue seriously because that is a strong image!
If someone puts a knife to your throat, they will have your full attention, won’t they?
Not only that, but you’ll do what they say!

The command is to focus your attention so that you can exercise self-control when your appetite throws a tantrum.

The problem is that many of us, from habit, are used to going unconscious when a thought to eat comes to mind.
We’ll give ourselves away to food mindlessly by: Refusing to submit to God concerning food and appetite is a subtle manifestation of pride.
It takes humility to obey God’s will because humility recognizes the authority of One greater than yourself.

Obedience also takes His grace:
Here are the 5 steps to take back control of your appetite and the habit of eating when you aren’t hungry:

1. Pray at the beginning of your day, asking, “Lord, I’m giving myself to You today, not to my appetite. You said that if I lack wisdom to ask You and You will give it to me liberally and without reproach. Open up my Spiritual eyes so that I see any way I’m making provision for my old habits and show me a new way to make it easier to eat in a balanced way today.”
Decide in your heart that you are presenting your body to God (which belongs to Him anyway) for His purposes.
Visualize giving yourself away to God as a gift easily and joyfully.

2. Since desire drives the appetite, declare to God in prayer that you want your desires to become His desires. Ask Him to change your desires into Godly ones this day.

3. Declare to God in prayer that you believe His word in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

4. When your appetite tempts you to eat when your body is not hungry, re-affirm your decision to give yourself away to God. Pray to Him, saying that you expect to see an escape route according to His word and that you will wait to see the escape route that He provides.
Wait and then take action on what He tells you to do. If you do this, you’ll learn that purposeful action can captivate you as much as eating used to!

5. Thank God at the end of the day for helping you to control your appetite as His word says. You will feel great when you see that it is possible to control your appetite!
God will give you the grace and strength to do it each day. So praise Him.

Take one day at a time, one moment at a time even as needed.
As you give yourself away to God rather than your appetite, you will experience increased peace and joy in your life – the blessing that comes from right thinking and right living.