Preparation precedes every good performance for every great task or fist ahead to be achieved. But where it is lacked, it is catastrophe that follows. Preparation is crucial to life and anything in life, without preparation lives are void of beautiful colour, it is preparation that makes a life beautiful.
For anyone who deemed it fit in life to achieve anything great in life, he/she will not toy with preparation; as a matter of fact will spend a lot of time in it.

For every great building in sight, you need a serious time of preparation to plan ahead

A student who want to graduate with a first class,

Singles about to wed
Married couples, you need preparation for the incoming visitors
Crossing into a new year, you need serious preparation and so on.
Many enter a new year casually with mere wished that things will get better; you have to work it out. If your 2018 bad experiences will not repeat itself, you need to prepare for it meaningfully.

What does not worth planning for, does not worth having and enjoying, someone once said, Proper planning prevents poor performance, Maybe why your previous years has been the way it has always been, maybe due to your preparation towards it. To God’s glory, I have never had a cause to say last year was better than this year; year upon year has been great for me.
You need to be deliberate about your preparation towards what you want in the incoming year.

Can you begin with the setting of goals for each of the month and quarters of the year, have a to-do list of what you want to achieve daily. A good life is not a mere wishes, it is a real hard work.
Set goals for every area of your life;

Set character goals
Set financial goal
Set relationship goal
Set academic goal
Set ministry/business goal

And make your goal SMART
S – Specific
M- Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time bound

Remember if you have to plan, you are living like a plank and what you don’t prepare well for in life, you will misuse.
See you next year.
I love you.

Oluwatosin Amusa