These Ages Will Freak You Out.
The pressure we face at some ages in life is something else.
The following ages are nightmares for most of us.
I know how much I freaked out at 25. At that age, the pressure to do and achieve doubled. It became clear to me that I needed to write my name in the sands of time.
You know, this is the worst this type of pressure has ever been. Looking around you to discover the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Oluwaseun Osewa and many other young millionaires and achievers can be really scary.
You move around and hear expectations from people around you. Your family tries to show you a blueprint of what you should be doing.
Senior colleagues in school seeming 10 leaps ahead of you. Not to mention highly successful classmates. That can kill.
While some pressures are good, many are going to freak you out. They will cause you to try to soft-pedal in your pursuit or even seek illegal ways of making money (since most people judge prosperity by how much you worth in naira).
At any of these ages, you need to be careful. Life does not end within those age gaps.
What you have in your hand is a golden key to do what your ancestors never did.
Try new waters. At your current age, you should not be seeking life security.
You should not be bothered about getting a job and saving enough money for your unborn kids.
Instead of seeking security, seek adventures.
Get out and try new things. Learn new skills in addition to your stereotype job.
Put your cv out there for new adventures. Build skills and value.
Don’t try to settle now. It’s too early for that and it is not too late to get wealth.
It’s in getting your hands dirty in profitable adventures that you secure your future. Aim to remain relevant every day.
If technology is still a nightmare for you, it’s not too late to get out there and embrace it.
By all means possible, acquire a tech-related skill before age 41.
Please if you didn’t get that, read it again.
I may not be the most intelligent or wise man in the neighbourhood but I believe my instincts. Tech is the only thing that will ensure you never go broke and that you never struggle with a job you hate.
Learn about block chain, app development, content development, growth hacking, digital marketing, copywriting, website development,… Build your own app…
And please note this:
“Technology never converges. It only diverges.”
Don’t try to build an online business that does everything. You will fail. Look carefully at the society, discover just one little need. Focus on that and come up with a technological solution to it. Work on that alone and you will be a billionaire. Trust me on that.
Don’t build a website/app that solves all the problem in the society. This approach might have worked before but it sure is crashing.
In conclusion,
Learn! learn! learn!
This is your opportunity to try new waters. Get your hands dirty with profitable skills.
Don’t freak out yet my friend. According to proven statistics, it’s much easier accumulating wealth after 40.
But before then, get yourself ready by being a walking goldmine of value.
The world is yours to conquer. I’m rooting for you.
Sam Ukak