THE JEHU MISSIONALS – 2Kings 9:30-39

THE JEHU MISSIONALS	–	2Kings 9:30-39

Some months ago, I was travelling from Lagos to Oyo state, Nigeria. While I was enjoying the ride, my attention was drawn to a major infrastructure that has been deserted. I remember the incumbent governor of the state before he is being voted in, made ‘serious’ promises about completing the project. It was already three years he got there and the project has not even been considered for development.
As I placed my thought on this sight, I remember how easy it is for us to make plans, start something or engage in an activity and on the long run, we find ourselves turning out to act against what we once upheld as a truth. This sight I was meditating on, it is very prevalent in the Nigerian society- it also stems through the fibre of living of most of us-not all though!
Following through this thought, I remember a man, a soldier made king, in the Bible; Jehu, the grandson of Nimshi!
The prophet Elijah towards the end of his ministry to the Israelites, was instructed by God to anoint three people of which Jehu was anointed to be king of Israel (1 Kings 19:15-17).
In the mandate of Jehu, was the destruction of the dynasty of King Ahab. Jehu was on this mission when he rode into Jezreel. At the entrance of the palace, Jezebel the queen was sitting at the window of the palace. It is to be noted that her initial intention was to spark up a conversation with the missional Jehu (who else would have an elaborate make up because of just meeting someone alone without an inner intention). But remember, Jehu’s mission was to destroy Ahab’s dynasty and Jezebel was a member of that dynasty. Now it is that Jezebel who wants to spark up a conversation – I believe in fear of being destroyed – Selah!
This is the situation many missionals find themselves. We sometimes find ourselves sparking up a delightful conversation with what we are meant to destroy; we advocate sexual purity but we are lost in the grip of sexual perversions, we want to instil discipline but yet we are indiscipline, we echo and amplify truths with our voices but negate it with the way we live; the list goes on!
This has brought many missionals to think of the impossibility of their purpose pursuit. But I have found one way by experience and application of scriptural truths; the solution is in FELLOWSHIP!
My definition of purpose pursuit is ministry which simply means service. It is not parading a building or gathering followers, it is service.
The true calibration of ministry is FELLOWSHIP. Ministry is the outpour of your life while fellowship is the engulfing of LIFE.
Life or nature is the initial problem of purpose ineffectiveness not works (Romans 7:20, 8:12). Our nature or our life plays a significant role in our purpose pursuit.
A man who has not found God correctly in FELLOWSHIP cannot be found effectively in ministry among men-your height in ministry is dependent on your depth in fellowship.
Jehu declined the conversation (11 Kings 9:32), Jesus declined the tempting offers of a beautiful conversation (Mathew 4:10)- Both of them had the life needed to fulfil their mission (Mathew 4:11, 11 Kings 9:32-33), and others alike. Are you like Jehu on a mission, you have found yourself acting against your call, perverting the truths; exchanging it for a lie? This is a truth you must follow; A long correctly in fellowship and ministry will be effective! Conversion is needed to rectify perversion –Get your fellowship right with God!