How To Improve Personal Productivity

How To Improve Personal Productivity

1. Do at least one thing at the start of every day that truly brings you pleasure. Use this as a springboard for heightening motivation and to build momentum that can carry you through your day.

2. Plan your work and then work your plan. This is an old bromide, but it contains simple wisdom. You have to know where you want to go before you get there. Be clear about what you want to accomplish the night before or the morning of and then execute your plan.

3. Remember, “Mile by mile it’s a trial, but inch by inch, it’s a cinch”. If you look at everything you must do it can seem overwhelming, but if you break down each project into tasks and objectives and just focus on these bite-size portions, you will be amazed at how quickly the little things combine to complete major tasks.

4. Ask yourself, “A month or a year from now, will this matter?” If you get mired in trivia, get distracted by surprises or get sidetracked by things that “feel good” but that are “off-task”, then ask if what you are doing now will have any impact on your goals in the future. This will keep you focused on what is truly important.

5. Set deadlines and make timetables for executing each objective that takes you closer to your goal. It is amazing how a future due date drives current behavior. Keeping records of tasks completed gives you proof that you are making progress. Having a deadline creates some urgency to complete the task.

6. Post and consult your priority list multiple times every day. This will keep you on track through those crazy, unpredictable days. It is SO easy to lose site of what is important and to begin putting out fires when we should remain focused.

7. Review your day and ask yourself “What were the top 3 things I accomplished today?” This makes you accountable to yourself and helps you measure how well you stayed focused on your priorities. It will also help you set-up the next day.

8. Clean up the tasks and projects that annoy and frustrate you the most. This might be office clutter, not being able to find things, messy piles in the house, a sloppy hard-drive on your computer or anything else that bothers you every time you look at it or think about it. Conquer it and free your energy.

9. Celebrate your successes. We go through our days and weeks barely congratulating ourselves for our accomplishments. We tend to focus only on what we lack or on what we still have to complete. Give yourself credit for jobs well-done and for wading through the many tasks you finish each day.

10. Continually reset and recast new goals once you reach each goal. This is one of the true secrets of the super achievers. They continually readjust as each goal is met. They make many intermediate objectives to reach each larger goal so a sense of progress is achieved. They endlessly create new goals to fuel the fires of motivation and to take themselves closer to their potential.

Maintain self awareness, make adjustments and execute like top business and sports performers and you will increase your personal effectiveness just like the super-achievers.